In Search of Black Preachers

"Can I get a witness?"


Black preachers have a unique, passionate style of preaching in which they convey teachings in a fresh way, rather than delivering a woman's message. They care for their congregations and their congregations respect them, which is evident from the reactions called out during a sermon. Messages that end in singing reveal the joy and gratitude of not only the pastor, but of the flock as well.

By black I don't just mean African-American, but Americans have been gifted with a great sermonic tradition and the freedom to exercise it. Their unique role is vanishing as black men are being destroyed (by government policies and cultural beliefs); thus breaking apart families, churches, and communities. Although they speak more to black men, white folks can learn much from them.

Because of what is happening to all men, regardless of their race, I'd like to help preserve black preaching. As with most preachers, the older ones knew truths that have been lost in our times; such as the power of Christ's blood. Unfortunately most contemporary black sermons I've found worship the institution of the local church or are given by Modernists.

This is a plea, as I have found it difficult to obtain black sermons with sound doctrine. If you know of any, please use the contact form. If you reach out, only submit preachers who are Protestant and use the King James.

Finally, please pray for God to call more black men to be preachers.